About Our Program:

Developed by a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist, Fine Motor Boot Camp was developed to meet cognitive, language and fine motor needs in under 15 minutes a day using simple, inexpensive materials. Fine Motor Boot Camp is affordable for every budget with options including a DIY Manual (you purchase and assemble the materials) to a Total Program that includes all materials prepackaged and ready to go!

The Total Program includes our 25 Activities, a Manual and a "Toolbox" for differentiating the tasks. What does a program look like? 

  • The entire program is included in a box with 25 individually packaged & reusable activities.
  • Each individually packaged activity contains a direction sheet and the 1-2 materials needed to complete the task.
  • The activity’s direction sheet contains the directions to complete activity, a rhyme, language stimulators and challengers/simplifiers to differentiate the task for individual students.
  • These 25 activities can be rotated and organized in a way that they are repeated daily, weekly or monthly. 
  • Fine Motor Boot Camp was initially developed for early childhood programs but can be easily adapted to meet the needs of older children or adults with varying levels of ability.

How is Fine Motor Boot Camp being used Across Settings?

  • RTI
  • Recess
  • Itinerant Services/ Sites
  • Pick-up/ Drop-off Lull
  • Lunch (for the fast eaters)
  • After School Programs
  • Rehab Therapy
  • Homework
  • Rest Time (for the non-nappers)
  • Guided Centers
  • Circle/ Group Time
  • Out Patient Therapy
  • Floor Time Therapy
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Art Class
  • Physical Education
  • Workshop/ Independent Work in Autistic Support
  • Prevocational Center
  • Parent Engagement Activity
  • Early Intervention Home Activity

About Us - The Creators

Julie and Emily Julie Marzano, M.S., OTR/L
Emily McCarthy, M.S., CCC-SLP

Yes, we are twin sisters! We are both professionals in the educational field as well as moms of 6 young children. We understand the struggle and need for simplicity and efficiency. 

We created Fine Motor Boot Camp in 2015 after identifying a need for a more consistent, systematic intervention to address fine motor and language in early childhood. Since its inception, Fine Motor Boot Camp has grown from a 25 activity curriculum to a multifaceted business providing professional development and consultative services to companies, school districts and private entities.

We are committed to improving the adaptability and delivery of fine motor and language services across all demographics.  Our goal is to make learning hands on, play-based and accessible to EVERY child at EVERY ability level and EVERY socio-economic level.

Julie Marzano, our OT, worked in the Delaware public school system for 15 years serving ages 3-21 before moving to her current job at an approved private school.  At Julie's current placement , she serves individuals ages 3-21 with complex needs as well as consultation with the birth-3 population. Julie's academic specializations are in early childhood and sensory integration. In addition, she is a nationally certified SIPT therapist.

Emily McCarthy, our SLP, has been working as a clinician for 17 years. She worked in both the Delaware and Pennsylvania public school system for 11 years. While there, she worked in multiple specialized programs, including  Autistic Support, Early Childhood, Complex Needs and General Education. Emily now serves the birth-3 population in Pennsylvania with a specific interest in Augmentative & Alternative Communication.