Professional Development Opportunities


Hosted by:  "Hands on Approaches"

When: November 17, 2020 More details to follow.

Hire us for Professional Development

Emily & Julie, the co-creators, are available for professional development. Our trainings are NOT just about our program. We discuss the research and importance of play, language development, fine motor development, and interventions/ activities for building all areas of development in children. We also provide professional development specifically for staff working to assist individuals with complex needs.  

All trainings are customized to meet the needs of your facility.  Please contact us for rates.

What are people saying about our Professional Development?

"The presentation is fantastic!  Fast-paced and interesting, time really flies.  All of my teachers walked away with both new information/research as well as practical strategies they could use immediately.  I would love to have you back to work with our parents, too!" - Director of a 200+ based hospital childcare center

More references available upon request

For Who & Where Have We Presented?

  • Great Starts Delaware P-K-1st Stronger Together Conference: “Developmentally Appropriate Practice”
  • The New Jersey Council for Exceptional Children: “Bridging the Gap”
  • NJAEYC: "Promoting Quality Education in Early Childhood"
  • DEAYC: "Making a Difference Conference for Early Childhood Professionals"
  • 43rd Annual National Head Start Conference and Expo: “The Next Generation of Opportunity”
  • Los Ninos: "Young Child Expo" (3 years)
  • The Prentke-Romich Company Staff Development for Consultants
  • OSSSPEAC: "Capturing the Heart of Communication Conference" (2 years)
  • CTAEYC: "Pathways Conference"
  • Best Practices in School Based Occupational Therapy: Anaheim, California
  • Children's Literacy Initiative (CLI): Philadelphia, PA
  • Multiple Early Childhood Centers and School Districts throughout PA, NJ and DE
  • Hands on Approach: Brooklyn, NY