By: Fine Motor Boot Camp

"Tooth Camp" is a holistic, comprehensive and play based program in a box that supports children through struggles with oral hygiene routines and visits to the dentist.

Every child is unique, each with different responses and timelines when it comes to oral hygiene. Tooth Camp was developed to provide caregivers with a wide variety of ideas, tools, techniques and interventions to assist in dental success both at home and at the dentist. Oral health takes a collaborative effort by a team that can go beyond the dentist and his staff to include the family, teachers, occupational therapists and others involved with a particular child. Tooth Camp was created with input from a multitude of professionals including:

Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Play-Therapist, Psychologist, Parents, Trauma-Informed Professional, Pediatric Dentist and Teacher.

After working through traumatic dentist experiences with one of our own children, we decided to create this hands-on curriculum to guide and support other parents and professionals through oral hygiene and health.  We hope that Tooth Camp provides caregivers with the the confidence to help children overcome fears associated with the dentist. This program was created for ALL children of ALL abilities!

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