What is Tooth Camp?:

"Tooth Camp" was created as a holistic approach to support children through oral hygiene routines and visits to the dentist.  The tools provided in this curriculum will help adults prepare children for success by:

    1. Establishing Dental Routines
    2. Setting Expectations for Oral Hygiene and Trips to the Dentist
    3. Preparing for Oral Hygiene Experiences in the Home/ Classroom
    4. Familiarization with Dental Equipment
    5. Accommodation & Suggestions for Sensory Sensitivities
    6. Providing Play-based “Dental” Activities
    7. Role-play & Practice of Routines & Procedures from the Dentist's Office
    8. Suggested Behavior Management Techniques and/ or Self-Regulation Strategies
    9. Pictures, Schedules and Objects of Real Dental Equipment to Discuss & Manipulate
    10. So much More!

Who Benefits from Tooth Camp?:

Anyone & Everyone can implement "Tooth Camp."  We created this program to be user friendly for parents, caregivers, dentists, parents, teachers and therapists.

Hear what other professionals are saying:

      "I highly recommend Tooth Camp for those of you working on tooth brushing with kiddos. The kit contains everything you could possibly need to work on this important life skill and more. It is worth its weight in gold!"

-Occupational Therapist, Philadelphia, PA

Toothbrush & toothpaste
Female dentist

Sample Activity:

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 6.03.45 PM

Sample Visuals: